Nadine Charles – Video & Interview

7 Aug

Talented and soulful, Nadine Charles is a singer/songwriter from London and she’s getting ready to make her own mark on the music industry. A former winner of the Nokia Prince’s Trust Unsigned Act and having worked alongside artists such as Common, Al Green and Estelle to name a few, the limelight is now being turned on Miss Charles herself.

How would you describe your sound?

I would say my music is soulful RnB if I had to put it in a box.

What have you been up to recently, music-wise?

Lots! I’ve started gigging again so I have been spending time with musicians preparing for our shows. I’ve also been writing, because since my EP release “Introducing Miss Charles”, people have been asking for an album. I’m not rushing things though. I’m just going to keep writing and when I’m happy I’ll put out an album. In the meantime I’ll put out singles.

I’ve got some projects in the pipeline, but I don’t like talking about stuff before it’s 100% so I’m keeping schtum!

I have a single coming out on independent record label Praxis Records called “You Are The One”. The video and everything has been done so I’m literally just waiting for the release date!

What can you tell us about your song,’ Kisses In The Morning’?

‘Kisses In The Morning’ is a song I have great affection for because it has that feel good factor. It makes me smile.  It’s about that person/people who makes everything alright for you. It could be your partner, mum, child. You can adapt it to your own situation. I think a lot of people can relate to it.


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