Nadine Charles – Video & Interview

7 Aug

Talented and soulful, Nadine Charles is a singer/songwriter from London and she’s getting ready to make her own mark on the music industry. A former winner of the Nokia Prince’s Trust Unsigned Act and having worked alongside artists such as Common, Al Green and Estelle to name a few, the limelight is now being turned on Miss Charles herself.

How would you describe your sound?

I would say my music is soulful RnB if I had to put it in a box.

What have you been up to recently, music-wise?

Lots! I’ve started gigging again so I have been spending time with musicians preparing for our shows. I’ve also been writing, because since my EP release “Introducing Miss Charles”, people have been asking for an album. I’m not rushing things though. I’m just going to keep writing and when I’m happy I’ll put out an album. In the meantime I’ll put out singles.

I’ve got some projects in the pipeline, but I don’t like talking about stuff before it’s 100% so I’m keeping schtum!

I have a single coming out on independent record label Praxis Records called “You Are The One”. The video and everything has been done so I’m literally just waiting for the release date!

What can you tell us about your song,’ Kisses In The Morning’?

‘Kisses In The Morning’ is a song I have great affection for because it has that feel good factor. It makes me smile.  It’s about that person/people who makes everything alright for you. It could be your partner, mum, child. You can adapt it to your own situation. I think a lot of people can relate to it.


A Little Bit of Hope

21 Jun

If you’re searching for  soulful yet mellow music for your summer soundtrack, look no further than singer/songwriter Hope.   With her album slated for release in the following months, Hope is making her music heard more widely, having  recently performed with Alicia Keys in concert.    Her selection of lilting grooves is sure to inspire a chilled and relaxed mood for the interested listener.

Product Showcase – Alliviore

18 Jun

Present at the Afro Hair and Beauty Show 2010 were new skincare brand Alliviore.  Launched earlier this year by Laura Shumba (pictured below) , she decided to release the products after noticing the dramatically positive effect they had on her skin.

The Alliviore range boasts a three-product process consisting of a Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser.  Made with natural extracts including grapefruit and bilberry the Alliviore range proves that mother nature is the answer to healthy and glowing skin.

For more on the products check out the website

Product Showcase – Mixed Chicks

15 Jun

When Mixed Chicks made their debut at this year’s Afro Hair and Beauty Live, their stall caused quite a stir amongst visitors who were intrigued by the hair care range that Halle Berry considers a must-have.

Created in 2004 by Kim Etheridge and Wendi Levy,  California-based Mixed Chicks was made in response to the lack of suitable hair products the creators  sturggled to find.   Since then, the range has garnered attention from Ciara and Tracee Ellis Ross – two of a number of celebrities that use the products.

Promising a frizz-free  ‘curly revolution’ Mixed Chicks caters particularly to individuals of mixed heritage with curly hair but the products can also be used on curly/wavy hair extensions and to create a curly effect on hair.

Check out the video below showing how to use the products!

Afro Hair and Beauty Show – Photo Highlights

14 Jun

On the 30th and 31st May 2010 the Business Design Centre of Islington, London was home to the Afro Hair and Beauty Show 2010.  Here are some photo  highlights from the event!

One of the many stands at the event

The day was filled with performances and catwalk shows of fashion and hair styles

Hair stylist competitor and model

Other hair stylist competitors and their models...which style do you like best?

Lorenzo Duffle’Bag Designs

10 Jun

Bringing a unique type of flavour into his designs,  Lanré Aluko-Olokun’s Lorenzo Duffle’Bag Designs are perfect for adding statement pieces to your wardrobe collection.  Describing his designs as ‘vibrant, expressive and fun’ he knows which fashion boxes to tick.

SOURCE for full interview

Urbanova @ Afro Hair and Beauty Show 2010

29 May

Urbanova will be reporting the latest Afro hair and beauty trends at the Afro Hair and Beauty Live 2010!  Check here for juicy updates, recaps, and more!